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2021    YouTube Channel Video Interview: Social Life of Language. Feature on the book Millennials Talking Media. Hosted by Mike Mena.    

2021    The Vocal Fries podcast interview about the book Millennials Talking Media: https://vocalfriespod.com/2021/11/30/all-your-meme-are-belong-to-us-2/

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2021    Because Language podcast interview about the book Millennials Talking Media: https://becauselanguage.com/39-is-this-a-reference/

Popular News/Media Features

2023    “Quiet quitting? Damp drinking? Why we coin new terms for old feelings” by Maura Judkis in The Washington Post, Style Section: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2023/06/20/adjective-gerund-phrases-quiet-quitting-linguistics/

2023    “Why everyone online is calling thse Hollywood men ‘babygirl’” by Kalhan Rosenblatt in NBC News: https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/everyone-online-calling-hollywood-men-babygirl-rcna80075

2023    “The “You’re doing it wrong”-ification of TikTok” by Anna North in Vox: https://www.vox.com/culture/23648715/tiktok-instagram-advice-mistakes-howto-tutorial

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2023    “Why a Certain Chrissy Teigen Insult Made Trump Lose His Mind” by Heather Schwedel in Slate: https://slate.com/human-interest/2023/02/pussy-ass-bitch-trump-chrissy-teigen-congress.html

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2022    “Gone from cloud to colloquial, still not sure if hashtags matter” by Shephali Bhatt in Mint: https://www.livemint.com/mint-top-newsletter/likesharesubscribe28082022.html

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