2022    “Pop Culture as part of Everyday Conversation” Pop Life podcast, hosted by Kendall Phillips: https://www.waer.org/podcast/pop-life/2022-04-18/pop-life

2022    “What’s in a word? A look at the ways words change”, The Colin McEnrow Show: https://www.ctpublic.org/show/the-colin-mcenroe-show/2022-11-16/whats-in-a-word-a-look-at-the-ways-words-change

2021    Syracuse University News written interview with Matt Michael about my book, Millennials Talking Media: “Why We’re Still ‘Chasing the White Whale’ and Using Other Media References”: https://news.syr.edu/blog/2021/11/09/why-were-still-chasing   the-white-whale-and-using-other-media-references/

2021    YouTube Channel Video Interview: Social Life of Language. Feature on my book, Millennials Talking Media. Hosted by Mike Mena.    

2021    The Vocal Fries podcast interview about my book, Millennials Talking Media: https://vocalfriespod.com/2021/11/30/all-your-meme-are-belong-to-us-2/

2021    Spectacular Vernacular podcast interview about my book, Millennials Talking Media:      https://slate.com/podcasts/spectacular-vernacular/2021/10/our-latest-quiz-is-a-crashcourse-in-internet-slang

2021    Because Language podcast interview about my book, Millennials Talking Media: https://becauselanguage.com/39-is-this-a-reference/